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Farda P (Patrick Morrison) was born in London on 15th July 1959 to Jamaican Parents.   Farda P lived on the same road as King Sounds and saw many artists such as Michael Prophet and Aswad coming and going on a regular basis.  As one of 10 children, Farda P and his brothers and sisters would always be found in a dance going on in the capital.  He followed sounds such as Fatman, Coxson, Shaka, Merritone, Tropical, Moa Ambassa, Sir Jessus, Scorcher and Jah Lion.  


"For me, music saved my life; going to places like Lancaster Hall, Acton Town Hall, Peoples and Cubies, kept me out of trouble.  Hearing reggae music, and strictly reggae music, was my sanctuary" says Farda P as he smiles thinking of the times when reggae music was always fresh and exciting.   "I have always collected records.  My first 7's were "Vanity" and "Never Gonna Give Jah Up" by Sugar Minott, both on the Studio1 label.   My first album was "Version Galore" which was a compilation album featuring one of my favourite Toasters  Daddy U Roy".


Farda P has been playing music since he was a young boy.  His first experience playing to the public was in 1979, when he played in a sound called Black Supreme with his cousin Biggie and friend Mattic.  They used to play at house parties in and around the London area.   From there, Farda P joined a sound called Cassanova and continued to nice up the dance with his selections from Studio1, Treasure Isle, Greensleeves and many more.  


Although Farda P did not continue to play out in a sound, music has always been Farda P's passion.  After a short spell as a DJ on Rhythm365 in 2008/2009 he then went back to just collecting music.   However, Farda P's wife Lady Lex was determined to make sure the masses didn't miss out on the selector's skills, so she set him up on Blog TV in 2009.   Farda P played a regular set on a Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.  His audience grew and would regularly hear him say "its all about the music" or "it's all about the niceness", but their favourite Farda P catchphrase has got to be "CHAWAAAAAAA!!!!" hence the name of the station.   Lady Lex then introduced Farda P to Daddy D of Reggae4us, who offered Farda P a regular spot on Friday Night at 8pm.   Although Farda P enjoyed his time at Reggae4us, the decision was taken by both Lady Lex and Farda P to branch out and start his own internet radio station in May 2015 .......WWW.CHAAAWAAA.COM


Farda P is Lady Lex's official DJ when she performs and has now played out to the public all over the country from Scotland, to York, to Gloucester etc.  


If you want to hear more from this well rounded and experienced selector....tune into www.chaaawaaa.com every Monday from 7-8pm & Friday from 8pm - 10pm

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