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Lady Lex is a West London born and bred Singer/Songwriter.    Raised in a music loving family, Lady Lex, born in 1965 as Karen Moon is in fact second cousin to the late Keith Moon from "The Who".


From the very beginning Lady Lex was listening to Jazz, Blues, Country & Western, Motown,  Soul and Reggae.  With a love for the arts, this bubbly artist was more often found at the front of the queue to audition for school productions etc.,  For her Music 'O' Level in school she sang and played the piano for the examiner who awarded her top marks.   As well as being a musician and singer, Lady Lex is a trained dancer and enjoyed many performances with her local dancing school.  Lady Lex taught children how to sing and dance whilst working at her sisters dance school; the "Janet Moon Academy of Dance".  Lady Lex also enjoyed her time teaching singing and dancing as a volunteer at a local youth club.    Ever the active person, Lady Lex took ice skating lessons at Queens Ice Rink from an early age and even though she progressed to a level that allowed her to play the part of "Mummy Bear" in "Goldilocks and the Three Bears on Ice", she couldn't wait until the end of the session so that she could get her jeans on and speed skate.


In 1985 Lady Lex heard an advert on a local pirate station for a talent show due to be held at Priory Community Centre.  She rang the number and started to discuss music when it became evident that this was not the local radio station, but instead an accountant who worked for a Manager who happened to be looking for a female reggae singer.  Seeing this as "a sign" Lady Lex went to meet this Manager and via his connections was signed to Galaxy Records, however the type of reggae that she found herself having to sing was not the type of reggae that Lady Lex had grown up listening to.   WIth this contract weighing heavily, Lady Lex was asked to sing at a few modelling exhibitions and clubs but couldn't sing what she wanted to.  The last performance she gave during this time was when she had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Sandra Cross in 1986 at the Brent Town Hall, but again, the experience was dampened as she had to sing the "diluted" material dictated by her Manager.   Shortly after this, the Manager went AWOL in the middle of the contract and the money from the contract went missing too....Lady Lex hung up her mic no longer singing, but stinging from the experience.


Shortly after the birth of her first child, staying away from music proved to be too difficult.  Lady Lex started making her own music at home using a Roland D10 keyboard, an Atari St and a Steinberg Pro 12 programme (the Steinberg Pro 12 was then superseded by the Steinberg Pro 24, and then Cubase).   Although the music made was not as sophisticated as it could have been, the music she made came from the heart and in fact whilst in the middle of building a roots and culture riddim, Lady Lex's friend (who later became her husband) was so impressed by the tracks she was building that he jokingly asked her if she had just come out of a Shaka session.  


During that time, and despite a racist neighbour who often shouted abuse at her over the fence because of the music she created, Lex worked on several projects with local musicians.  In 1993 she met up with Roame Lowry of the world famous band "Maze" and became part of an in-house production team involving various talented singer/songwriters/musicians.   Lady Lex was then invited to the US in 1994 to develop her career but sadly personal committments prevented her from travelling at that time.


After dedicating many years to raise her family, Lady Lex decided that she wanted to release one UNDILUTED record before she was 40,  so in late 2004 on a Saturday afternoon she went to visit Peckings records with an "idea" for a track on the "Lonely Street" riddim.  A very bemused Chris Peckings listened to the passionate Lady Lex talking about her idea and asked if she had a demo cd or tape.  As Lady Lex did not have either with her, she asked if Chris had the riddim track.  Chris laughed and gestured to all the 7's in the shop and said "of course I've got it.  Lady Lex asked Chris to play it and to his surprise she sang for Chris right there and then in the middle of the famous and very busy Peckings record shop.   Lady Lex then voiced her first track for Peckings "I'm In the Mood For Love" over the Lonely Street riddim and since then Peckings have continued to record this artist who has enjoyed chart success with her releases.    


Since 2004, Lady Lex has gone from strength to strength, recording songs for the Peckings Label, Cousins Label, World Sounds, Mafia n Fluxy, Riddimworks,  Kemar Flava McGregor, Donsome, Gadd 59 and BB Seaton.  These recordings led her to perform at clubs and music venues all over world such as the Sardinia Reggae Festival, Belgium, Scotland, York, Marcus Garvey Day in Birmingham, o2 Proud, 02 Indigo and Oceans Music Venue with top artists such as Leroy Sibbles, Cornell Campbell, George Nooks, BB Seaton, Tippa Irie, Sylvia Tella, Gentleman, Michael Prophet, Richie Davis, Audrey Scott, Misty in Roots, Lloyd Brown, Barry Biggs, Peter Spence, Don Campbel, Dennis Bovell, AJ Franklin, Peter Hunnigale, John McLean, Kofi, Janet Kay, Carroll Thompson, Sandra Cross, Donna Marie, Trevor Walters, Lorna G, Michael Gordon, Nereus Joseph, Janet Lee Davis, Paul Dawkins, Winsome Burrell, Paulette Tajah, Gappy Ranks, Neville Morrison, Lovella Ellis, Victor Romero Evans, Adele Harley, Wendy Walker, Helen Rogers, The Blackstones, Sweetie Irie, Ras Demo, BabyBoom, J Soul, Floetic Lara, Frederica Tibbs, Claude Darroux, Bunny Lye Lye, Vivian Jones, Maddi Carty and so many more...


In 2013 at the o2 Indigo, Tony Williams presented Lady Lex with an award for her contribution as a female reggae artist and 2014 saw the release of the much awaited album  "Is This Love" from Peckings Records.  


In 2015 after returning from a show in Belgium, Lady Lex and her dj husband, Farda P, decided to start a radio station to promote spritually pure and lyrically clean music.   This station is called Chaaawaaa Radio and is an internet radio station boasting over 20 fantastic dj's.  The station is family friendly and you can rest assured that the whole family can tune in and enjoy the selection.  You can check them out at


After taking a musical break to promote the station, Lady Lex will soon be returning with fresh material in 2018

 Lady Lex - UK Singer Songwriter

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