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Farda P's Selection:


UK No.1 -  Chucky Banton "The Lord's Protection"

Intl No 1 - Frankie Paul "Be My Lady"



Lady Lex's Selection:


UK No.1 -  Philip Leo "Feel So Good"

Intl No.1 - Margie Joseph "Riding High"



Marcus Natty's Selection:


UK No.1 -  Darien Prophecy "I Give Him Thanks"

Intl No.1 - Johnny Osbourne "Eternal Peace"



Colonel C's Selection:


UK No.1 - Lyn Gerald "Everyday"

Intl No.1 - Chronixx "Skanking Sweet"



Cee Bee's Selection:


UK No.1 -  San Mi "Rain"

Intl No.1 - Norris B "Hands of Time"



Angela B's Selection:


UK No.1 -  Children of Zeus "I Can't Wait"

Intl No.1 - Miles Bonny & Shhor "Way"



Breadman's Selection:


UK No.1 - Kris I "Hatta Fyah"

Intl No.1 - Chucki Starr "Fi Di Nation"



Steve Salinas Selection:


UK No.1 - Tenna Star "Real Thing"

Intl No.1 - Agent Sasco "Prevail"



Dj BSDO's Selection:


UK No.1 - Frederica Tibbs "Hello There"

Intl No.1 - Jah Cure "That Girl"



Ragga Lee's Selection:


Uk No.1 - Jay Jay Born 2 Sing "Sweet Reggae Music"

Intl No.1 - Twiggi "Come In"



Ian Irie's Selection:


Uk No.1 - General Levy & Joe Ariwa "In the Ghetto"

Intl No.1 - Junior Morgan "Thankful"



Baby Love's Selection:


Uk No.1 - Imagination "Body Talk"

Intl No.1 - El Coco "One Step Back to Love"



Likkle Wikked's Selection:


Uk No.1 - Leroy Simmonds "I Just Want to Love You"

Intl No.1 - Latoya Williams "All For You"



J Rhino's Selection:


Uk No.1 - Skye "Moved Inn"

Intl No.1 - Masquerade "Selah The Corner"



DJ Dapps Selection:


UK No. 1 - Ricky Ranking "I Love You So Much"

Intl No.1 - Kappo "I'm Not the Only One"



Chaaawaaa Choice of the Month - July 2017 Edition

On the 1st day of each month our DJ's select their No.1 track of the month.    Each DJ has been asked to submit a UK choice and an international choice.    The tracks chosen can either be a classic or hot off the press.


Chaaawaaa Radio are proud to announce their top tracks for July 2017 as follows:-