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Farda P's Selection:


UK No.1 -  Donovan Kingjay "Inseperable"

Intl No 1 - Ginjah "Happy Life"



Lady Lex's Selection:


UK No.1 -  Jorja Smith "Get It Together" (featured by Drake)

Intl No.1 - Tekno "Pana"



Marcus Natty's Selection:


UK No.1 -   Jay Jay Born 2 Sing "Way Back When"

Intl No.1 -  Errol Dunkley "Give if you can Give"



Colonel C's Selection:


UK No.1 -  Kya Sh'Kwain "Free"

Intl No.1 - Protoje "Blood Money"



Cee Bee's Selection:


UK No.1 -  Vivian Jones "Good Good Loving"

Intl No.1 - Nateesha Stream "Tonight I Give In"



Angela B's Selection:


UK No.1 - Don-E "Shell Down"

Intl No.1 -Mamouna  Youssef "Shine Your Light"



Breadman's Selection:


UK No.1 - Peter Spence "Border"

Intl No.1 - Samory I "There is A Spirit"



Steve Salinas Selection:


UK No.1 - Grantie Asher "She Used To Love Me"

Intl No.1 - Queen Ifrica "Tell The People Thanks"



Dj BSDO's Selection:


UK No.1 - Grantie Asher "Blackskin"

Intl No.1 - Beres Hammond "Rockaway"



Ragga Lee's Selection:


Uk No.1 - Jay Jay Born 2 Sing "Way Back When"

Intl No.1 - Chronixx "Likes "



Ian Irie's Selection:


Uk No.1 -  Michael Gordon "You Are So Beautiful"

Intl No.1 - Ginjah "We Need More Love"



Baby Love's Selection:


Uk No.1 -  Melissa Bell "Reconsider"

Intl No.1 - Premium "You Know You Want to be Loved"



Likkle Wikked's Selection:


Uk No.1 - Don-E  "Big People Tings"

Intl No.1 - Luciano "Give Thanks and Praise"



J Rhino's Selection:


Uk No.1 - Skye "Yahweh"

Intl No.1 - Travis Greene "Who You Were"



DJ Dapps Selection:


UK No. 1 - Tasonia "Real Love"

Intl No.1 - Garvey's Ghost "Lonely Lover"



Gail The Glorious Selection:


UK No.1 - Amanda Roberts "Great You Are Lord"

Int No.1 - Sinach "So Good"



Jenny Jen Jay's Selection:


Uk No.1 - Shandi "Gonna Make You Mine"

Intl No.1 - Calvin Harris "Slide"



Chaaawaaa Choice of the Month - September 2017 Edition

On the 1st day of each month our DJ's select their No.1 track of the month.    Each DJ has been asked to submit a UK choice and an international choice.    The tracks chosen can either be a classic or hot off the press.


Chaaawaaa Radio are proud to announce their top tracks for September 2017 as follows:-